1. American Authors

  2. American Authors! Best Day of My Life! (at Slowdown)

  3. National Sibling Day! lol jk that’s my dad #OnlyChildProblems

  4. #tbt when Bryan, Jonas, Jason, Jake, and I went to Berkeley to visit Anthony and found our spirit animals on shirts

  5. Opening night for Phantom! (at Fine and Performing Arts at Creighton University)

  6. Last day at the lake house with the best company #TDL #KCCO (at Lake Of The Ozarks - Osage Valley River Branch)

  7. Fresh new kicks for working out

  8. What to get for bae… #loljk #singlelyfe (at Russell Stover Candies)

  9. So Princess Anna decided to drop in at rehearsal tonight ❄️⛄️

  10. #tbt when I was the ring bearer for a family friend’s wedding 💍